About Us

About Us

Assured Life Advisers are Independent Financial Advisers specialising in pensions advice, retirement planning and financial planning.

With offices in Warrington and across the north-west, we’ve worked in financial services for many years and we are highly qualified in our field.

And, as you would expect, we follow what is happening in the pensions industry extremely closely and we’re unlikely to be blindsided in a business that changes almost daily.

If we sound like the type of people you’re looking for, then please read on (we promise to keep it light!)

Protection where you need it

We are directly authorised and approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the UK’s financial regulator, to provide pensions advice.  This means that when you work with us on your financial planning you can be assured that your consumer rights will be protected.

A helping hand from Assured Life Advisers

If you are approaching retirement, or already planning for it, you will be faced with a complex range of choices.  We can guide you through them.

The fact that we are independent means we can search the whole of the market for solutions: we are not limited to particular products or providers. And through Assured Life Advisers, we have the support of some of the most analytical minds in the business.

So, what motivates us?

Putting it simply, helping clients. We seek out the best options for their circumstances and share their pleasure and relief once all the arrangements are in place.

With us, financial planning could turn out to be more rewarding than you thought!

What can Assured Life Advisers do for you?

So, that’s us. Let’s talk about you.

  • You’re approaching retirement or beginning to think about planning for retirement.
  • You know it’s an important decision you can’t put off any longer.
  • You have a pension pot (or multiple pension pots) and you feel overwhelmed at the prospect of dealing with them yourself.
  • You’ve seen other people taking lump sums from their pension pot and wonder whether this could be right for you or even possible.
  • You really don’t want to do this alone and you’re looking for advice from someone trustworthy and fair who will explain your options in clear and simple terms.

If this sounds like you (and you like the sound of what we can offer), get in touch to arrange a free no-obligation consultation.

A refreshingly modern approach to planning your retirement

There’s a lot of information out there. We understand sifting through this can be a daunting and overwhelming task. This is an important time in your life and you need to be absolutely certain about any decisions you make. The choices you make now could affect your standard of living for many years to come.

We’ve acted on behalf of many individuals just like you. Along the way, we have learned about the questions and concerns many people have as they approach retirement. That’s why our approach to financial planning and pensions advice is tailored to the individual. You have specific circumstances and questions you would like answered impartially.  Above all, you rely on your future pension income and it is likely others rely on you too.

Unconventionally, our objective at Assured Life Advisers is to break with this old-school, jargon-filled stereotype and bring a fresh, modern approach to financial services: retirement planning and pensions explained in plain English, so you know exactly where you stand.

We’ll make sure you understand all the relevant information and regulations so you can make the right decision for your future.

I really hope you’ll invite us to meet you. If we get to a second cup of tea, it’s a good sign!

About Assured Life Advisers

Planning for long-term financial wellbeing

Assured Life Advisers specialises in retirement planning and pensions advice. We are also qualified and experienced in mortgage protection, life insurance, tax planning, estate planning and investment planning.

Understandably, we have access to the best financial planning resources, but we’re not prophets!

  • We don’t have insider knowledge as to how investments or interest rates will perform over the next five to 10 years. Nor, no matter what they say, has anyone else(!)
  • We can’t predict how pensions legislation will change.

What we can do is make the following commitments to you:

Take your time

We’ll listen to your future aspirations and never rush you into making a decision.

Complete transparency

We’ll help you to understand past and present legislation, explain what to consider when planning your retirement, and show you examples with a full breakdown of benefits and risk for each.

No surprises

We’ll explain any fees involved from the outset. We won’t charge you a penny until we agree exactly what you need from us.

Ask us anything

We’re always available if you need to contact us. You can rely on us to answer all your questions in plain English.

Don’t put it off for any longer. Let’s have that conversation, and we’ll try to answer the questions that may be keeping you awake at night.

Tailored and transparent pensions advice from Assured Life Advisers

You’ve worked hard to build your pension pot. We want you to feel relaxed and confident about the choices you make.
We aim to build client partnerships founded on trust and mutual respect. All we ask is for you to be honest with us about your current circumstances and future financial needs. Using this information, we can tailor our advice to your unique situation and be honest and clear about the options available. Transparency works both ways.

There’s nothing we love more than finding a solution that’s the perfect fit for a client’s needs. It is possible to plan for a financially secure retirement. Call us for a no-obligation chat to find out how we can help.

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