In business, we plan for growth in sales and profitability. At home, we invest in long-term financial security.

Sometimes the worst happens: the death of a loved one; the illness of a business partner, the passing away of an employee. Surviving families and business partners must carry on. One thing that makes it easier is a financial safety net.

Assured Life Advisers offers protection advice for your livelihood and prosperity: for business, for family, for life.

A financial safety net – for families and for businesses

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Enhanced pension transfer value

Have you been offered an enhanced pension transfer value?

Enhanced pension transfer value – money for nothing? So you’ve been offered an enhanced pension transfer value from your pension provider and you can hardly believe your luck? Well, hold on… Do you understand what an enhanced transfer value is, why you’ve been offered one and what you should do? An enhanced pension transfer value […]

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Nobody wants to talk about it, but…

Let me ask you a simple question – if you were to die or suffer from a serious illness, resulting in a loss of income, what would you or your loved ones be prepared to give up? Putting aside the emotionally devastating impact: What would the effect be on your family’s hopes for the future? […]

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5 reasons why it can pay to take advice about life insurance

Grab yourself a cup of coffee as we take a look at 5 reasons why it can pay to take advice about life insurance: 1) Financial Advisers add value A Financial Adviser is qualified to help you assess the potential impact to your lifestyle, family or business, should you or a loved one, or an […]

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