In business, we plan for growth in sales and profitability. At home, we invest in long-term financial security.

Sometimes the worst happens: the death of a loved one; the illness of a business partner, the passing away of an employee. Surviving families and business partners must carry on. One thing that makes it easier is a financial safety net.

Assured Life Advisers offers protection advice for your livelihood and prosperity: for business, for family, for life.

A financial safety net – for families and for businesses

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Estate Planning

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Cash Flow Modelling & Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is crucial for securing a financially stable future. This blog will explore the key aspects of cash flow modelling—a vital tool in retirement planning—and how Assured Life Advisers can help you optimise your pension strategies for a worry-free retirement. Understanding the Role of Cash Flow Modelling in Retirement Planning Cash flow modelling is […]

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Understanding Final Salary Pension Transfers: A Guide

Understanding Final Salary Pension Transfers: Your Comprehensive Guide Deciding on a final salary pension transfer is a pivotal financial step for many. With the landscape of retirement planning evolving, understanding the nuances of such a decision becomes paramount. This guide aims to unravel the complexities of final salary pension transfers, highlighting the benefits, risks, and […]

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A retired couple with arms around one another looking into the sunset

Prepare for your Pension Wise appointment

Embarking on Your Retirement Journey: A Personal Guide Imagine standing at the threshold of retirement, the golden years you’ve envisioned filled with travel, leisure, and time with loved ones. Yet, navigating the complexities of pensions can feel like deciphering a map without a compass. Herein lies the beauty of Pension Wise and the tailored guidance […]

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