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Independent Pension Advice in Warrington and Cheshire

Seeking pension advice doesn’t have to break the bank, but the cost of overlooking it could be substantial.

At Assured Life Advisers, we demystify pensions, offering clear, regulated advice tailored to your unique financial situation.

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Why Assured Life Advisers Stand Out

  • VouchedFor Top Rated Adviser for 2022, 2023 & 2024: Your trusted choice, validated by independent reviews.
  • Local Specialists: Deep roots in Cheshire and Warrington, extending our expertise across the North West.
  • FCA Regulated: Assurance of integrity and compliance.
  • Tailored, Independent Advice: Personalised strategies to fit your life and goals.
  • Complimentary Consultation: Explore your options without any commitment.

Transforming Pensions into Plans

Our approach simplifies the complex world of pensions, turning questions into clarity. Whether it’s evaluating pension pots, discussing retirement plans, or considering transfers, our advisors provide insights and options that resonate with your aspirations.

Your Financial Future, Assured

Endorsed by the Financial Conduct Authority, Assured Life Advisers is synonymous with leading pension advice in Warrington and Cheshire. Our mission? To illuminate your financial path to retirement, ensuring a prosperous and stress-free future.

Nationwide Service, Local Expertise

Wherever you’re based, our capabilities and knowledge are at your disposal, blending local insights with national reach to meet your retirement planning needs.

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How Assured Life Can Work for You and Your Pension

Our process for providing quality pension advice


Understand you

Our Warrington Based private pension advisors work together to build a picture of your hopes and aspirations and what you want to achieve – then they will analyse the pension plans you already have in place. Normally there is no fee at this stage.


Plan your future

Our independent financial advisers explore and research various scenarios to test the sustainability of your existing pensions. We’ll then recommend options to build on your existing plans to give you the best chance of achieving your goals.



If you’re happy, we’ll do the necessary work to put your pension plan into action. We will work on your behalf with the various organisations involved, saving you a lot of time and effort, and ensuring your pension plans are set up correctly. We will charge a fee for this which will be explained to you and agreed in advance of any work commencing.

Navigating Multiple Pension Pots: Simplify to Maximise Your Retirement

With careers spanning multiple roles, it’s common to accumulate several pension pots. The complexity increases with each additional pot, potentially leaving your retirement planning disorganised and confusing. Consolidation might be the key to simplifying this landscape, ensuring you’re poised to maximise your retirement income.

Generic pension plans often aim to cater to a broad audience, but the most effective pensions are those tailored to individual needs and goals. Recognising the unique nature of each person’s retirement aspirations, a bespoke approach to pension planning is crucial. The task of evaluating multiple pensions can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not well-versed in pension matters. This is where the value of specialised pension advice becomes evident.

At Assured Life Advisers, based in Warrington, our team is dedicated to providing you with personalised financial advice. We aim to ensure your pension arrangements align perfectly with your retirement objectives, offering you peace of mind as you approach retirement. In addition to pension planning, we’re here to discuss how life insurance can serve as a safeguard against unforeseen health issues before retirement.

For a no-cost, comprehensive discussion about streamlining your pension pots, why not get in touch. Phone 01925 594 519 or fill in our contact form for a call back. Our advisers are ready to assist in consolidating your pensions, aiming for an optimised retirement outcome.

Understanding Pension Advice Costs in the UK

Exploring the avenues to enhance your retirement savings with professional advice can significantly impact your financial readiness for retirement. At Assured Life Advisers, we offer an initial consultation at no charge, ensuring you can discuss your needs without any upfront commitment. The cost of further advice will depend on your specific circumstances, which we’ll transparently discuss during our initial meeting.

Interested in a free consultation or keen to learn more? Contact our experts today at 01925 594 519, or submit our contact form for a prompt callback.

For individuals aged 50 and above, the government’s Pension Wise service offers complimentary guidance on pension options, providing another resource to help you make informed decisions about your retirement planning.

Unlocking the Potential of Your Investments and Pensions

Have you considered leveraging your hard-earned investments and pensions to secure a comfortable retirement? Our team of specialist financial advisors in Warrington is here to illuminate the path to your post-retirement life, ensuring you make the most of your financial resources.

Maximising Retirement Readiness Understanding the value of your current pension and investment portfolio is the first step towards retirement readiness. Knowing what you have—and what it can provide for you in retirement—is essential. The earlier you assess your financial landscape, the better positioned you’ll be to enhance your future financial well-being.

Tailored Pension and Investment Strategies At Assured Life Advisers, we believe in a personalised approach. We delve into your existing financial plans and investments, aligning them with your retirement goals. Our bespoke advice ensures your pensions and investments work optimally for your future.

Begin Your Journey to Financial Clarity Embark on a journey to financial clarity with a complimentary, unbiased discussion. Contact Assured Life Advisers at 01925 594 519 or submit the form below to schedule your callback. For further insights and answers to common pension queries, explore our blog.

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