Are you concerned about leaving unpaid bills when you die? Or perhaps you are looking to leave a financial legacy?

It can pay to think ahead. If you would like to ensure there is a sum of moneys available when you die then a whole-of-Life plan could be the solution.

A whole-of-life plan pays out a cash sum when you die. It covers you for the whole of your life. If you have been advised by a professional, regulated financial adviser regarding a whole-of-life plan and pay the insurance premiums on time, you can be confident that the policy will pay out when you die.

When we recommend a Whole-of Life policy it is subject to medical underwriting. That is, as part of the application process, we will ask you a number of personal questions including your lifestyle and medical history. The price of the policy will depend on your answers to these questions and the sum assured – that is, the cash sum payable on your death.

What sum assured will I need?

This depends.

You may have specific financial obligations that you would like to clear, for example funeral expenses. Or you may want to make a contribution towards a potential inheritance tax liability. We will speak to you and advise you on exactly what you need so that you can be confident that you are not under or over insured.

How can I ensure the money goes to the right people?

We will discuss with you who you would like to benefit from any proceeds when you die. If appropriate, we will ensure that the appropriate trust is in place, specifying how you would like the proceeds to be paid and to whom.

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