Life Insurance

When a loved one dies unexpectedly, the stress and worry feel overwhelming.

No-one wants to think about dying. But doing nothing could mean the people you love suffering financial hardship at a time when they most need help.

Life insurance makes living a little easier. It helps bereaved families through difficult times by offering financial security.

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What is life insurance?

Are your loved ones protected financially if anything happens to you?

Life insurance pays out a tax-free lump sum to the people you name as your dependants if you die during the term of the policy.

Dependants are people who rely on you financially – your partner, spouse, children and relatives.

Why do I need a life insurance policy?

When a person dies, the family must carry on living day to day. They need money to pay the mortgage or rent, for household bills, to bring up children and to clear any debts.
With the right life insurance policy in place, loved ones need not worry about financial hardship after your death.

Types of life insurance policy are:

We help you decide how long you want the life cover for. It could be until your children leave home, for example. Insurers consider your age, health and lifestyle when preparing a quote for a life insurance policy.

You may have used the internet to compare life insurance policies. It’s important that the life insurance policy you choose suits your personal circumstances. Don’t risk leaving your loved ones short at a time when they need it most. Talk to an Assured Life Adviser before making a decision. We make a thorough assessment of what you need to make sure you get the most suitable policy.
We advise you to consider critical illness insurance – to provide for your family if you become seriously ill.

Which one is the best life insurance policy for me?

Most people can afford life insurance for a specific period. An Assured Life Adviser will identify what you want to protect:

  • Your mortgage (so your family aren’t left facing monthly payments)
  • Income for your children until they become financially independent

We’ll help you work out how much life insurance cover you need to cover your family circumstances and recommend the most suitable solution.

How do I make a claim?

Each insurance company will have its own claims processes, which will be clearly signposted throughout your policy documentation. Assured Life Advisers will happily help you if we are able to do so, should you require assistance at all.

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