Critical Illness Cover

Critical illness cover aims to pay out if you suffer from one of life’s really horrible illnesses, providing a financial lifeline when you need it most.

What is your biggest worry? For most of us, it’s health.

There is no guarantee we’ll always be healthy. We should all be financially prepared for the risk of serious illness. If you became too ill to work, what would you do? What would your family do?

Could they pay all the bills if you were too ill to work?

Ask our advice about critical illness insurance today.

Critical illness cover – what is it?

Critical illness insurance pays a tax-free lump sum when you are diagnosed with a medical condition defined in your policy.

A critical illness policy, arranged through Assured Life Advisers, protects you and your family from financial hardship if you become seriously ill and are unable to work.

What does it cover?

Which medical conditions concern you the most? Most Critical Illness policies cover the medical conditions most suffered from in the UK including heart attack, stroke, some cancers, multiple sclerosis, stroke, coronary artery bypass, kidney failure and major organ transplant.

You can use the cover to pay for care, medical bills, even travel abroad for treatment. It could also cover your regular financial commitments – household bills and food.

Do I need sickness cover insurance?

Serious illness could have a life-changing impact on you and your family. There may be a long recovery period and you would be unable to work for a while. You may need care, equipment or medical attention the NHS would not provide to help you get better.

The lump sum paid out if you have a critical illness policy could cover all those expenses, avoiding financial hardship.

Without serious illness cover, you risk being unable to provide for your family.

While in good health, it’s hard to imagine what would happen if we became seriously ill. But unfortunately, statistics tell us the chances of becoming ill with cancer, heart attack, stroke or multiple sclerosis are high. For this reason, it’s wise to protect your family financially to help them through difficult times in their lives.

Everyone’s circumstances are different and it’s important to get the right advice.

How do I claim?

Each insurance company will have its own claims processes, which will be clearly signposted throughout your policy documentation.  Assured Life Advisers will happily help you if we are able to do so, should you require assistance at all.

Which critical illness cover is most suitable for me?

Policies vary. It is important to make a well-informed decision. We’ll visit you and help you choose a policy that gives you the cover you need at an affordable price. We will also discuss other areas they may be important such as family cover life insurance so that you can decide what you need from an informed position.

Get in touch to help find the most appropriate critical illness cover

Book an appointment today. An Assured Life Adviser will help you secure the right critical illness insurance policy for you and your family if you become critically ill.

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