Group Private Medical Insurance

The best employees are happy, motivated, productive – and worth their weight in gold. These are the people your business depends on and to lose them would be devastating.

It makes sense to invest in their health and well-being of these staff. People who feel valued are encouraged to stay.

Assured Life specialises in arranging private medical insurance as a benefit for employees of smaller and medium-sized businesses.

Talk to an Assured Life Adviser today about offering Group Private Medical Insurance to your staff.

What is group private medical insurance?

Group Private Medical Insurance is a benefit the owners of smaller businesses offer their directors, managers and key employees.

Why is private health insurance beneficial to my business?

You and your employees have the same things in common if they get sick. They want life to return to normal quickly and that includes getting back to work. They want a quick diagnosis, to avoid long waits for treatment and to get better soon.

Private health insurance takes care of your employees by paying for private treatment and supporting them to get back to good health without unnecessary delays.

Which private medical insurance is the most suitable?

Assured Life has access to the whole Private Medical Insurance market, providing solutions to smaller and medium-sized businesses.

You can choose who gets which cover, perhaps increasing the cover for senior levels of staff.
The insurance arranges for employees to get expert treatment with ongoing care and support until they recover.

An Assured Life Adviser will help you put in place a private medical insurance plan to suit your employees’ needs exactly.

How do I choose the right policy?

We find the most appropriate new plans for you and your employees and review existing policies to make sure they are right for you and your budget. If your policy is due for renewal, please get in touch and speak to an Assured Life Adviser.

How do I make a private medical insurance claim?

Insurance companies offering Private Medical Insurance have their own claims processes which are typically designed to be straight-forward. It often involves a phone call to a dedicated Claims Line where your claim can be assessed. The route to be followed will depend on the nature of the claim but the insurance company will look to facilitate the process as swiftly as possible.

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It’s important to get the right advice about providing health insurance for employees. Speak to an Assured Life Adviser today. We specialise in advising businesses and arranging private medical insurance for employees.

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