Group Income Protection

Are you looking for ways to improve the benefits package you offer employees? Could a better benefits package attract and retain talented employees in your business?

This income protection is highly valued by employees for the peace of mind in knowing they’ll continue to receive an income if illness stops them working.

Ask an Assured Life Adviser about group income protection for your employees.

What is group income protection insurance?

Group Protection Insurance protects employees’ salary if they become unable to work because of illness or injury. The employee receives an income until the policy ends.

Why do I need to offer group income protection insurance?

Unfortunately, a high percentage of the UK workforce is at risk of long term illness at some point in their career.

Group income protection insurance helps employees avoid the risk of hardship if they are unable to work through illness or injury.

It forms part of an attractive benefits package which staff find advantageous. Businesses find it helps them attract and retain the best staff.

What does group income protection cover offer?

You can offer employees one of 2 types of protection:

    1. ‘Own occupation’ income protection.

For any medical condition that prevents them doing their own job.

    1. ‘Suited occupation’ income protection.

For any sickness or injury that stops them doing their own job or a similar one that suits their qualifications and experience. It doesn’t pay out if they can do some types of work and is less expensive than ‘own occupation’ cover.

A policy can pay out after a specific time period – a ‘deferred period’.

Which group income protection insurance is appropriate?

An Assured Life Adviser will talk to you about both types of insurance and help you choose the most suitable policy for you and your employees.

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