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Assured Life Advisers are proud helpers and supporters of Lynn Duffy MBE and the HoneyRose Foundation.

Working with our clients, be they business owners or families, Assured Life Advisers helps protect businesses and families through arranging appropriately tailored life insurance solutions, which have the potential to protect the livelihoods of those insured and those of their families and loved ones.

But what about those who haven’t arranged life insurance, where charities – like the HoneyRose Foundation, may be the only source of hope?

Let’s face it, not everyone actually needs to buy life insurance, though they may still wish to benefit others – charities, for instance, by that means.

But what about those that want to protect their business, family or mortgage from the financial consequences of a serious illness?  A critical illness policy (a form of life insurance) could provide the money to seek alternative treatment. Perhaps even abroad? It could be used to buy additional care or to adapt a home to simplify daily living. It could even be used for the terminally ill to bring retirement dreams forward.  But that means doing something now – later might be too late.  And crowd-funded sources of help, no matter how professional and well-motivated, don’t have bottomless pockets.

And here we’d like to shine the spotlight on Lynn Duffy MBE of the HoneyRose Foundation and look at their objectives.

In 2004, Lynn founded the HoneyRose Foundation following the loss of three of her close friends Nicola, Karen and Rose to terminal illnesses.  It was during their final months that Lynn learned that there was very little charitable support to create lasting memories for patients over the age of 40.

There are many charities able to grant wishes for those under the age of 40, and it is clear from social media how gratefully these are received; the enduring memories they create for families and loved ones are a priceless emotional legacy.

But what about those over the age of 40?  Once upon a time there really was very little.

Recognising this, even though she had long been planning her retirement after working for 38 years as a nurse with the NHS, in 2004 Lynn founded the HoneyRose Foundation and her second career began.

From their prominent office in the centre of St Helens, Lynn and her team plan, prepare and often choreograph special occasions for those with terminal illnesses, locally and nationally. It would be almost impossible to exaggerate just how difficult a task it is to run such a charity and to ensure its continued financial viability.

It takes 100% commitment and the ability to lead a team of employees and volunteers throughout the year.  They may have to remove complicated barriers associated with medical conditions; open doors to the famous so the dying can meet their idols, run a shop that relies almost entirely on charity and goodwill whilst meeting all the corporate challenges associated with running a highly regulated business.

All at a time of life when Lynn might have expected to turn her attention to less stressful matters.

The HoneyRose Foundation is never happier than when those receiving their support provide feedback about their special occasions they have made possible. From walking out on the pitch at Wembley, to getting married from the hospital bed, these stories sell the charity’s purpose and are essential for fostering support from benefactors.

And, when you’ve not had a day’s holiday in months, and fought with the Utility Providers over a previous tenant’s unpaid bills and organised umpteen fund-raising events and have almost finalised this year’s Christmas’s parties whilst it’s cracking the flags outside, what more can you do to prove to everyone that you’re still fighting for those that are currently ill or those that are yet to receive their diagnosis?

If you’re Lynn, you plan to abseil down Liverpool Anglican Cathedral – not for your own charity but for others, recognising that it’s by working together and supporting one another that supports the enduring reach of charities, ensuring there is sustainability and covering as wide a range of worthy causes as possible.

In 2015, Lynn received her MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours.

On 5th August 2017, Lynn Duffy MBE abseiled down Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, raising funds for the local community of Liverpool.

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