Nobody wants to talk about it, but…

Let me ask you a simple question – if you were to die or suffer from a serious illness, resulting in a loss of income, what would you or your loved ones be prepared to give up?

Putting aside the emotionally devastating impact:

What would the effect be on your family’s hopes for the future?

Could your company expect to continue to be as successful without you as it has been to date, or you had hoped for it to be in the future?

Would you have regrets for not having put appropriate arrangements in place at a time when you were fit and able to do so?

What would you be prepared to give up? Your retirement aspirations? Christmas presents for your loved ones or the foreign holidays? Your future financial nest egg or your home?

And how would you feel? Surely you’d be wanting to focus on your recovery without having to worry about your financial problems? You’d almost certainly want to know that, whatever happens, life will be able to continue for those closest to you without them having to worry about money or considering seriously reigning in their plans.

So, what should you do about it?  Life insurance isn’t necessarily expensive, particularly when you put it into context with the cost of not having it.

Life can appear random at times; that is, we can plan for the foreseen but what about the unforeseen?  We may choose not to face up to some of the grim realities of life yet we see and hear about it on an almost daily basis – hoping that, with luck, it won’t happen to us or our nearest and dearest.

If you are concerned about the financial impacts that could arise as a result of you or a loved one suffering from a critical illness or even death, and the impact this could have on your business or livelihood, then get in touch with Assured Life Advisers and talk to us about critical illness cover and life insurance.

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